10 March 2005

Mess O' Tatties & Turnip Greens

Yesterday, I made turnip greens for lunch using Cut'N Clean Greens's recipe for "Turnip Greens, Red Potatoes and Mushrooms." We don't seem to have bagged turnip greens available at any of the local stores, so I just bought a bunch of bound stalks and did the de-stalking and chopping -- a process that took very little time, anyway. Indeed, I think I spent more time shopping for turnip greens than I did preparing this dish. Am I just too deep into Wasp Country?

This was my first time cooking turnip greens and I was a little taken aback by just how many greens I needed to get a pound! However, once they cooked down, I thought I could have used another half a pound. I drizzled a little red wine vinegar over the greens and sprinkled them with some fresh ground pepper just before serving and it was very good. Nummy, in fact.