13 December 2005

Bit by the Quilting Bug

I started quilting in October 2002. You'd think what with all the crafty women in my family and my magpie-like love of bright fabrics, I'd have started sooner than that. Oh, my mother tried to get me interested when I was a wee kiddie and then again as a teen, but I was such a little snot about it. Quilting was so girlie, you know. And old-fashioned. Blue-haired old ladies who'd never read Betty Friedan and liked to watch Oprah quilted. I'd sooner poke my eyes out.

But, I loved my mom so I went with her to all the local shows and shops even though I insisted I had no real interest in any of it. And that was my downfall. At shows, surrounded by all those gorgeous quilts and super friendly vendors, I'd find myself buying fat quarters of this and that. I'd bring the fabric home and think "I'll do something with that, someday" and then forget about them.

One day, though, I started looking at quilts differently. Sure, they were still beautiful pieces of art, but I began to see how they could be broken down into parts and I began to think it didn't look too hard.

I was afraid of the sewing machine and rotary cutter for a while (heard too many horror stories), but time and practice helped me become more comfortable with them and now I no longer worry too much about slicing my finger tips off or sewing them together.

I find quilting to be very comforting. Oh, there are days when everything goes wrong -- all the strips are miss cut or I'm short fabric or I've stitched things together upside down or the goddamn bobbin keeps jamming --- but those days don't bother me too much. They're only quilts. It's not as if I'm doing rocket science or brain surgery. I can come back and try again tomorrow or throw the whole thing away. It's okay.

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