28 September 2006

Christmas Craftiness in September

I've decided to sew Christmas presents this year rather than wracking my brains trying to figure out what to buy for people. Which is not to say that I will not buy any gifts, just that a whole lot of people will be getting scarves so you all had best start hating me now and get it over with.

Last year, I bought a copy of the "Simply Elegant Batik Scarf Pattern" by Simply Ordered from Keepsake and meant to make scarves with it, but shuffled it into the pattern pile and never saw it again. My mother and I went up to Appletree Fabrics a couple weeks ago and they had such nice flannels that I had to bring some home. When I got home I realized I was not really in the mood for a big project like a bed quilt and remembered the scarf pattern. Dug it out and saw I had enough for at least two scarves ... and that's when I realized that (if I could get enough out of the way now) I could save myself some stress at Christmas by giving a whole bunch of scarves away.

It costs me about twenty dollars in materials and takes about two hours make per scarf. The only real problem is finding the right flannels -- not everyone I'd make a scarf for likes flowers or plaids and "funky, bright, but not juvenile" seems a loosing proposition. Thank god for eBay, hey?

05 September 2006

Cookbook Talk: 5 A Day

5 A Day: The Better Health Cookbook by Dr. Elizabeth Pivonka & Barbara Berry (Rodale, 2002)

Produced by The Produce for Better Health Foundation, 5 A Day: The Better Health Cookbook is a straight forward little cookbook which promises to show us all how to get five servings of fruits and vegetables into our daily diets. Explains the whole 5 A Day program, provides sample menus, delicious new recipes, and tricks for getting more fruit/veg into your old recipes. I made three recipes -- "Baked Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese," "Springtime Scallop and Asparagus Stir-Fry," and "Chicken Oriental" (chicken stir-fry ... with asparagus, of course) -- and all were fast, tasty, and healthful. Yum. This book was certainly worth borrowing from the library!