16 November 2008

Appetizing Autumnal Recipes

Borrowed the Betty Crocker Complete Thanksgiving Cookbook (Wiley, 2003) from the library last week just to see what there was to see. I already know what I'll be cooking (or getting other people to bring) for Thanksgiving, but I still like to browse the Thanksgiving cookbooks and cogitate upon future feasts.

Of course, I had to try a few recipes and now I'm not sure when exactly this book might return to work. Supposing there are no holds upon this cookbook and I renew it twice, then I might be celebrating Thanksgiving well into January. If this makes me a greedy librarian, then it also makes me a devoted cook.

So far, I have made:

Classic Waldorf Salad
Fast and easy. Kept well in the fridge for about three days (serves four? hah!). As suggested, I added unsweetened dried cranberries to the basic recipe and the tart chewiness was quite welcome. I would definitely try this again with some firm pears or golden raisins.

Sweet Potato Soup
Picked this recipe, because I wanted to play with my food processor. Followed the substitution notes on this recipe and used canned sweet potatoes instead of boiling and mashing fresh ones. Had great fun puréeing the potatoes. Overall, a nice soup suitable for breakfast or a light lunch. Excellent with pumpernickel toast.

Classic Mashed Potatoes (with garlic)
Let me just admit that it never occurred to me to throw peeled garlic cloves in with the cooking potatoes. Nor did I ever consider warming the milk before adding it to the potatoes. The boiled garlic melt into the potatoes when mashed and provide that delicious garlicky flavor without changing the texture of the dish. The warmed milk does, indeed, create a smoother mash. Learn something new every day!

Next, I hope to try "Roasted Autumn Vegetables" with parsnips and brussels sprouts. I love roasted brussel sprouts and parsnips are one of those vegetables I would eat more of, if only I knew what to do with them.