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01 February 2016

Menu Plan Monday, 1 February

Menu Plan Monday! It's just me this week so I'm keeping things easy with lots of sandwiches, soups, and baked potatoes. Yum! I'm sticking with ingredients that are already on hand wherever I can this week, to avoid the grocery store as much as possible, because I've got mad organizing projects to get done at home and the grocery store runs the risk of being an unnecessary time sink.

  • Oatmeal w/ dried fruit, nuts, cinnamon, & maple syrup
  • Egg whites scrambled w/ thawed frozen broccoli & shredded cheddar, turkey sausage, & fresh orange juice

Lunches/Work Meals
  • Slow cooker vegetable soup w/ turkey or ham panini

  • Jacket potato stuffed w/ buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbles, & scallions w/ salad
  • Jacket potato stuffed w/ barbecue chicken, shredded reduced-fat Mexican cheese blend, 0% Greek yoghurt & scallions w/ salad
  • Cordon bleu-esque stuffed jacket potato w/ salad
  • Barbecue chicken naan pizza w/ salad

18 January 2016

Menu Plan Monday: 18 January

Menu Plan Monday! Hooray! I'm feeling quite a lot improved over last week, though loathe to launch myself back into the thick of things for fear this returned sense of wellness is a trap. Seriously, I've had too many good days followed by bad weeks that I don't trust anything my body does at the moment. But food still needs to be made and eaten so here I am with another menu plan.

Last week's "dump and slow cook" plan worked out very well and we ate home cooked suppers or their leftovers most days of the week. Not surprising then that this week also includes several slow cooker dishes.

  • Chobani Ancient Grains w/ portions of a fresh fruit tray (blend of mango, strawberry, blueberries, & kiwi)

Work Meals
  • Big bowls of Taylor Farms Kale Chopped Salad w/ Brussels Sprouts salad kit tarted up w/ dried cranberries, chopped roasted beets, shredded rotisserie chicken, slivered almonds, & lemon garlic vinaigrette (assembled 3 of these Monday night -- it's a very "sturdy" salad blend & should keep)
  • Supper leftovers

  • Baked tuna steaks w/ baked potato & steamed broccoli
  • Slow cooker minestrone w/ grilled cheese
  • Slow cooker rosemary & garlic chicken thighs w/ boxed quinoa pilaf & steamed green beans
  • Slow cooker beef stew w/ Texas toast

11 January 2016

Menu Plan Monday: 11 January

Another Menu Plan Monday. Umm. So. Last week I made 0 suppers, 1 lunch, and 1 breakfast on my meal plan! Success! Or something.

I've been in a lot of pain lately and while the pain is kind-of a good thing(?), because it means things are progressing(?), it's also exceedingly exhausting. Basically, I have no energy left to spend on cooking. Food needs to be instant or it isn't happening (but not eating properly doesn't help because I then berate myself for eating yet another takeout sandwich in bed when I should be eating the healthy, balanced tilapia supper I'd planned. And then I throw myself a pity party ... and it's all just so excessively dramatic).

tl;dr let's dump and slow cook, baby.

  • Special K egg w/ vegetables & pepper jack flatbread breakfast sandwich w/ fresh fruit (bought one of those luau bowls in the produce section & plan on eating it all week) & carrot juice

Work Meals
  • Big bowls of Dole Chopped Sunflower Crunch salad kit w/ dried cranberries, shredded rotisserie chicken, chopped orange segments (assembled 3 of these Sunday night -- it's a very "sturdy" salad blend so it should keep well)
  • Supper leftovers


04 January 2016

Menu Plan Monday: 4 January

Another week is upon us, which means another Meal Plan Monday post! I'm just sliding in here by the skin of my teeth -- only finalized our meal plan today after a post-work trip to the grocery store. I'd fully intended to do the weekly shop on Sunday, as usual, but the grocery store the Sunday after New Year's was simply too chaotic so I gave up and decided to try again tonight when it would probably, I hoped, be a bit calmer ...

Always an excellent backup plan

  • Microwave-scrambled egg + whites w/ tomatoes, baby spinach, & low sodium ham on a toasted multigrain sandwich thin w/ mandarins
  • Oatmeal prepared w/ almond milk & topped w/ raspberries, unsweetened flaked coconut, sliced almonds, & cinnamon
  • Minestrone or split pea & ham soup w/ blood oranges
  • Baked tuna steaks & tomatoes over sautéed spinach & white beans w/ mandarins, & 85% dark chocolate
1, 2, 3 EasyLunchboxes. The chocolate doesn't actually fit as is -- had to snap them in half to get the lids on
  • Panko & flax breaded seasoned chicken strips w/ steamed broccoli & tossed salad
  • The Kitchn's "Slow Cooker Peppered Beef Shank in Red Wine" over garlic mashed potatoes w/ tossed salad
  • Lemon & thyme barramundi w/ green beans & tossed salad
  • Slow cooker chicken & vegetable stew w/ Texas toast & tossed salad

28 December 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 28 December

It's the last Menu Plan Monday on 2015! Pretty much ran amok between Festivus and Saint Stephen's Day, eating all the things. So. Many. Things. Perhaps understandably, this week's menu plan is about easing back into "normal" with easy, but still tasty, meals that are not heavy on (the admittedly delicious) salt, sugar, and fat.

  • No-sugar added Alpen w/ almond milk, raspberries & blackberries
  • Oatmeal prepared w/ almond milk & topped w/ flax meal, cinnamon, honey, nuts, & dried berries

  • Steam in bag corn, red pepper, & edamame blend in a coconut miso sauce (w/ leftover broccoli stirred in) & pan-grilled ahi tuna
  • Steam in bag broccoli & cauliflower florets tossed w/ thawed cooked salad shrimp, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese crumbles, olive oil, lemon juice, & salt-free Italian seasoning


21 December 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 21 December

Menu Plan Monday! Christmas is upon us! Am I ready? NO. I've taken Wednesday and Thursday off with some expectation I will manage to plow through my to-do list ahead of Christmas Day.

Breakfasts & Lunches
  • Hard-cooked eggs, cheese, dried fruit, satsumas, Triscuits, & random bits of Graze assortments. Basically, whatever I can grab & eat as I go
  • Cheesy Kielbasa Tortellini (quick kielbasa & tortellini skillet casserole-esque thing)
  • Baked salmon w/ couscous pilaf & green beans
  • Slow cooker spaghetti w/ turkey sausage & tossed salad
  • Southwestern-seasoned baked tilapia w/ cilantro rice & black beans
Christmas Dinner
  • Herb-crusted beef tenderloin w/ horseradish sauce & red wine sauce, cauliflower & broccoli w/ herb butter, parslied corn, slow cooker red cabbage & cranberries, slow cooker garlic mashed potatoes, snowflake rolls & butter, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, & a boatload of wine.

14 December 2015

Menu Plan Monday, 14 December

Menu Plan Monday! Christmas draws nigh! Frankly, there are just too many things left to do (like all the Christmas shopping and planning the Christmas dinner menu) between now and then so this week's menu plan is full of easy stuff that either can be prepped ahead and then just popped in the oven or cooks itself quite contentedly in the slow cooker all day.

  • Oatmeal prepared w/ almond milk & topped w/ flax meal, cinnamon, maple syrup, nuts, & diced apple or pear
  • Alpen or muesli soaked overnight in almond milk & topped w/ sliced banana, blueberries, & drizzle of honey
  • Beans & greens soup w/ satsumas & those horribly addictive roasted garlic Triscuits
  • Minestrone soup w/ waffled cheese quesadillas & satsumas
  • Cheese, crackers, dried & fresh fruit, & nuts
  • Bruschetta chicken bake w/ garlicky green beans & parslied potatoes
  • Southwestern seasoned baked tilapia loins w/ cilantro rice & beans
  • Slow cooker beef roast w/ mashed potatoes & broccoli
  • Shredded beef, rice, & bean burritos w/ sour cream & salsa (dependent on leftover beef roast)

07 December 2015

Menu Plan Monday, 7 December

Menu Plan Monday! December is here and, while the weather continues to be suspiciously mild, I'm craving cold weather comfort food like tuna noodle casserole, grilled cheese, and hearty stick-to-your ribs stews.

  • Oatmeal w/ flax meal, cinnamon, honey, nuts, & chopped apple or pear
  • Cinnamon-raisin mini bagel topped w/ random nut butter, sliced banana, cinnamon, honey drizzle, & nuts.
  • Black bean soup over brown rice w/ satsumas
  • Cheese, crackers, dried & fresh fruit, & nuts
  • Enormous chopped salads w/ Brussels sprouts & beets & cranberries & such
  • Slow cooker tuna noodle casserole
  • Baked almond-coated tilapia w/ parslied potatoes & green beans
  • Slow cooker beef stew in bread bowls
  • Fire-roasted tomato & white bean soup w/ grilled cheese

30 November 2015

Menu Plan Monday, 30 November

Another Menu Plan Monday! We had Thanksgiving at my parents, which meant no leftovers ... so I roasted my own turkey on Saturday and we've enjoyed lots of turkey since. Seriously, a twelve pound turkey is a bit much for a household of two, but it was the smallest one I could find in the pile of post-Thanksgiving frozen turkeys at the market. Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, and slow cooker turkey tetrazzini have used up much of the leftovers and I'm expected tonight's turkey and rice will finally put the turkey to rest.

Anyway, aside from the ubiquitous turkey, I have some tasty but unfussy meals planned this week. Pretty excited about the taco chicken and baked tilapia as both use queso fresco ... which meant I got to make a "special" grocery run to Shoprite and "accidentally" bought a bunch of Sincerely Brigitte cheeses. The Tarragon Ginger Prairie Jack is just fabulous.

  • Oatmeal w/ flax meal, cinnamon, honey, nuts, & chopped apple or pear
  • Cinnamon-raisin mini bagel spread w/ random nut butter & an apple or pear
  • Soup w/ cheese, nuts, & fruit
  • Supper leftovers
  • Southwestern turkey & rice bake w/ broccoli
  • Lemon-garlic baked barramundi w/ quinoa pilaf & green beans
  • Mexican-style baked tilapia w/ rice & black beans
  • Taco chicken w/ cilantro rice & broccoli

23 November 2015

Menu Plan Monday, 23 November

Thanksgiving is almost here! How did that happen? Happily, I'm responsible for Christmas dinner this year so Thanksgiving is just us showing up at my parent's with pies and wine. This certainly doesn't mean I'm not roasting a turkey. No, we will definitely have our own mini-Thanksgiving on Saturday. And then lots of sandwiches. And enchiladas. And soup. (Seriously, I think I'm more excited by the idea of leftovers than the actually dinner itself). I just don't need to impress anyone with my table-setting or housekeeping skills. Hooray.

  • Oatmeal w/ flax meal, cinnamon, maple syrup, pecans, & unsweetened dried cranberries
  • Cinnamon-raisin mini bagel topped w/ crunchy peanut butter, sliced banana, cinnamon, & honey
  • Nature's Earthly Choice Easy Quinoa boxed mix tarted up w/ salad shrimp, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, & feta.
  • Turkey sandwiches
  • Barramundi baked w/ lemon, parsley, & garlic w/ boxed pearl couscous pilaf mix & peas
  • Garlicky lemon chicken thighs w/ parslied baby potatoes & buttery Brussels sprouts
  • Roasted turkey breast w/ garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, peas, corn, & broccoli
  • Turkey soup, enchiladas, etc

16 November 2015

Menu Plan Monday, 16 November

Menu Plan Monday! This week's plan is almost entirely made up from items I already have on hand in the freezer, fridge, or pantry. This is more about laziness -- do I really want to go grocery shopping when I could be catching up on the ridiculous number of library books I have checked out? -- than about economy.

  • Oatmeal w/ flax meal, cinnamon, honey, walnuts, & blueberries
  • Cinnamon-raisin mini bagel topped w/ crunchy peanut butter, sliced banana, & cinnamon
  • Nature's Earthly Choice Easy Quinoa boxed mix tarted up w/ salad shrimp, broccoli, & sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Supper leftovers
  • Baked salmon w/ parslied red potatoes & carrots
  • Slow cooker garlic & herb chicken thighs w/ pearl couscous boxed pilaf & broccoli
  • Slow cooker beef roast & assorted root vegetables
  • Pesto meatballs w/ multigrain spaghetti & chopped salad

19 October 2015

Menu Plan Monday, 19 October

It's definitely autumn now! The remnants of our vegetable garden are slowly composting. Flannel sheets have appeared on the bed. It snowed (a tiny tiny bit) Sunday. And I'm craving roasted things.

  • Oatmeal prepared w/ coconut-almond milk then topped w/ flaxseed meal, dried cranberries or raisins, & cinnamon w/ an apple
  • Cinnamon-raisin mini bagel spread w/ random nut butter & an apple
  • Pasta tossed w/ sautéed chard, garlic, onions, sun-dried tomatoes & diced kielbasa
  • Prepared boxed quinoa mix tossed w/ goat cheese, chopped cooked chicken or tuna, and microwaved broccoli or spinach (I bought an assortment of quinoa pilaf type mixes a few months ago in an attempt to introduce The Husband to that grain and he's hated every single one of them ... so now they're my work meals)
  • Seasoned, baked salmon w/ couscous pilaf & green beans
  • Slow baked beery pot roast w/ carrots, onions, & celery
  • Cheesy, garlicky breaded chicken breasts w/ brussels sprouts
  • Meatballs made w/ ground beef, flaxseed meal, & almond meal over buttered noodles w/ broccoli
  • Herb-roasted chicken w/ carrots & garlicky mashed potatoes

21 September 2015

Menu Plan Monday: September 21

Fall arrives on Wednesday, bringing with it local cider, freshly picked apples, and Mom's meatloaf! While I can't wait to break out the chocolate pot or stick my hand in a pumpkin, I am still a little confused about where summer managed to go! Also, it's still tomato and zucchini season, so there'll still be more of that than chocolate pot in my immediate future.

  • Oatmeal with ground flaxseed, nuts, raisins, cinnamon, & maple syrup with plums
  • Microwave egg, spinach, & cheese breakfast sandwich with a banana
  • Sautéed pork belly, cabbage, & noodles
  • Orange, beet, & couscous salad
  • Supper leftovers
  • Pillsbury's "Basil Salmon & Julienne Vegetables" with quinoa pilaf
  • Roasted tilapia & summer vegetables with parslied red potatoes
  • Grilled marinated boneless chicken breasts with tarted-up Suddenly Salad (chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, garden basil) and lemony steamed broccoli

14 September 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 14 September

Menu Plan Monday! I bought and roasted too much fresh corn on the cob this weekend -- the season is almost over, you see, and I want to enjoy as much of the fresh local corn as possible before it's gone -- so this week's menu plan sorta-kinda focuses on ways to use up all the leftover corn I still have on hand. There's only so much I can throw on salad, so some is going on pizza (it's a British thing) and stuffed baked potatoes (ditto).

  • Greek yoghurt, nuts or granola bar, & an Asian pear or dried apricots
Lunches & Work Meals
  • Big bowls of salad
  • Couscous, spinach, and cranberry salad with leftover chicken
  • Supper leftovers
  • Roasted chicken thighs, red potatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, & summer squash
  • Pierogies sautéed in butter and olive oil with lots of browned onion, sour cream & pickled red cabbage
  • Baked lemon-garlic salmon with parslied red potatoes & garlicky steamed broccoli
  • Sweetcorn, tomato, onion, & chicken pizza
  • Baked potatoes stuffed with tuna & sweetcorn

Homemade pizza is the best pizza, imho

07 September 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 7 September

Menu Plan Monday! It's summer's last hurrah here, with temperatures in the low 90s for much of the week, but that isn't enough to stop me from craving melty cheese or from braising pork with cider and apples. While running my air conditioner. And staring longingly out the kitchen window at our pool. Yes, I am probably everything that is wrong with America.

  • Crustless broccoli & ham quiche with Asian pears
  • Trader Joe's Fully Cooked Pork Belly diced and sautéed with garlic, onion, red pepper flakes, & broccoli florets
  • Grass-fed gound beef stir-fried with Trader Joe's Healthy 8 & seasoned with coconut aminos, toasted sesame seed oil, & sriracha to taste (sounds terrible, but it's delicious)
  • Sautéed chicken with peppers, summer squash, onions, & mushrooms
  • Cheesy chicken & salsa bake with tossed salad
  • Parmesan & garlic baked tilapia loins with tossed salad
  • Apple cider pork chops (working on September's Improv Challenge) with mashed red potatoes & green beans

31 August 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 31 August

Menu Plan Monday! This week's menu is heavy on convenience with simple recipes, requiring minimal work to prepare, because I'm feeling lazy. That's it, really. Just lazy!

  • Egg bake with egg whites, Cleverfoodies' Leafy Greens Scramble, crumbled bacon & shredded cheddar
  • Microwave cheese omelet with avocado, salsa, and crumbled bacon
  • Salad topped with leftover chicken or fish
  • Grass-fed ground beef cooked with garlic, onion, Trader Joe's Healthy 8, and home-made tomato sauce (it's surprisingly tasty)
  • Skillet peppers, onions, and chicken sausages in tomato sauce
  • Lemon-dill baked salmon fillet with lemony broccoli and parslied red potatoes
  • Grilled marinated chicken breasts with garlicky green beans and corn on the cob
  • Grilled turkey burgers with cucumbers 'n' tomatoes
  • Grilled steak and vegetable kabobs

24 August 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 24 August

Menu Plan Monday! Even though there's almost a month of summer left, I can feel the season fading. The tomato plants are starting to flag. It gets a little darker a little bit earlier every night. And a few of the goldfinch who visit our feeders have begun to molt into their winter plumage. Ugh. I'm just not ready for summer to end!

  • Oatmeal with ground flaxseed, nuts, dried fruit, cinnamon, & maple syrup
  • 2 eggs whites scrambled with 1 egg, Cleverfoodies' Leafy Greens Scramble, & feta
  • Banana, cottage cheese, & nuts
  • Big bowls of salad topped with leftover salmon or chicken (I always make more chicken or salmon than I need for supper specifically for this reason)
  • Baked lemon dill salmon fillet, chilled, over salad
  • Grilled marinated boneless chicken breasts with garlicky pinto beans & sliced garden tomatoes
  • Grilled marinated boneless country-style pork ribs with corn on the cob & creamy ranch cucumber salad
  • Baked lemon caper tilapia loins with parslied red potatoes & green beans

17 August 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 17 August

Menu Plan Monday, post vacation edition! We ate pastries every day and, while they were all so very delicious at the time, I now feel a bit icky. I would love to say we're going to mainline salad and cucumber water all week, but The Husband will never tolerate a week of salad-based menus ... and, in all honesty, neither will I! By Wednesday night, I'll be lining up at the burger shack for fried clam strips and sweet potato fries. Really, I just need to focus on making better choices this week! (And stay away from the pastries for a bit).

Anyway, this is what we're eating:

  • Oatmeal with ground flaxseed, nuts, blueberries, cinnamon, & maple syrup
  • 2 eggs whites scrambled with 1 egg, baby spinach, chopped tomato, & feta
  • Banana, 0% greek yoghurt, & nuts

  • Giant bowls of salad topped with canned tuna or salmon or leftover grilled chicken

  • Spaghetti marina with basilicious tomato-and-cucumber salad
  • Greek grilled chicken breasts with make-ahead feta-cucumber orzo salad
  • Baked lemon pepper tuna steaks with tomato salad & corn on the cob
  • Baked lemon-garlic tilapia loins with sautéed white beans & steamed broccoli

13 July 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 13 July

Another Menu Plan Monday! And it's just too darn hot to cook much! Made a couple things Sunday night (egg bake, lentils, chia pudding) to carry me through the work week and home meals are mostly going to be of the "marinated grilled thing plus quick chopped vegetable or bean salad" variety. Minimal fuss, minimal sweat.

Monday-Thursday Breakfasts
  • Zucchini, yellow squash, red onion, basil, tomatoes, chard, feta, egg-n-whites bake + salsa + banana

Work Meals
  • 2x: salad of mixed baby greens, beets, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, sprouted lentils, vinegar, olive oil, cracked pepper + 0% Greek yogurt + cherries
  • 2x: chopped salad of romaine, giardiniera, grape tomatoes, tuna, feta, and Italian vinaigrette + Triscuits + plums

Home Suppers
  • Grilled chicken kabobs + cucumber-and-tomato salad
  • Grilled beef burgers + white bean salad
  • Pillsbury's Margarita Chicken Pasta Salad
  • July Improv Challenge pretzel and mustard chicken recipe

  • Nuts, cinnamon Metamucil wafers, chocolate & peanut butter chia pudding, red wine, cheese

06 July 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 6 July

Another Menu Plan Monday! Another week of not running amok with takeout! I've broken up my menu by meals and venue (home or work).

Monday-Thursday Breakfasts
  • Sweet potato, zucchini, yellow squash, red onion, basil, tomato, feta egg-n-whites bake + salsa + banana

Work Meals
  • 2x: Baked thawed tilapia fillets over Birdseye protein blend + broccoli & roasted peppers + dried apricots
  • 2x: Mediterranean tuna and white bean salad (flaked canned tuna, diced seeded cucumber, red onion, white beans, chopped seeded tomatoes, garlic oil, lemon juice, feta, greek seasoning blend) over baby greens + Triscuits + apple

Home Suppers
  • Baked breaded chicken cutlets + peas + rosemary potatoes
  • Marinated boneless chicken breasts (Penzeys greek) + cucumber-and-tomato salad
  • Grilled steak and vegetable kabobs + garbanzo bean salad (garbanzos, red onion, diced bell pepper, basil and/or parsley, garlic infused olive oil, red wine vinegar, black pepper)
  • The weekend is Lyman Orchard's Berry Fest, Riverfest Food Truck Festival, and ConnectiCon so no cooking then.

  • Nuts, cinnamon Metamucil wafers (sound horrid, but taste surprisingly good), 100 calorie Greek yogurts, red wine